Longbow Publishing accepts a limited number of submissions each year (submissions are currently being taken for publication in 2009). At this time we do not publish scores as there are many excellent Canadian specialist publishers.

The first step is to fill in our submissions questionnaire (a PDF copy can be found at the bottom of this page). Once we have read this, we may then ask for a sample of your work. Please include:

1. An outline or table of contents (TOC).
2. A sample chapter (or entire manuscript if it is completed)
3. Estimated number of pages, notation examples, etc.
4. Comparison of similar products, a discussion of what makes yours
    unique in the marketplace, and when your manuscript will be completed.

Please do not send an unsolicited manuscript as we will not necessarily mail the manuscript back if it is found to be unsuitable. Our goal is to help potential writers realize their potential and we offer a unique service: to help produce a manuscript, ready for publication (see the section on editing for more information). Normally a book must already be completed before a submission can occur and the publisher then makes editing suggestions which the writer must then complete. Once a project has been accepted, we work with the author(s) to realize their full potential.

Please understand that the process to decide on whether or not to publish your work will take several months. We will contact you to confirm your book has been received and your patience in this process is appreciated.

Longbow Publishing - Book Proposal