Build a Book™

Every course has different requirements and a textbook should ideally be a flexible resource that corresponds to each individual course. To maximize choice, we are pleased to offer[1] our Build A Book™ service:

  • Choose the chapters and their order from our list of topics[2]. The cost is .25 cents per page (one side of paper equals one page).
  • Pay no setup fee - the cost of repagination and layout changes built into the per page cost.
  • The books will be coil-bound and have either the same cover as our history or pedagogy books, or a new cover can be designed that incorporates the logo/crest of an individual conservatory, college or university.

Thanks to digital printing and POD (Print On Demand) technology, customizing a book has never been easier. Publishing is a dynamic business that must meet the demands of its customers versus only providing standardized resources. Our chapters can also be ordered loose-leaf, double-sided and three-hole punched, ready to go into a standard size binder as part of our à la carte service (.22 cents per page). The information can be used as a text for a course, or, if a text is already prescribed, the history or pedagogy à la carte™ topics can provide valuable supplemental support.

The concept behind à la carte™ products is similar to a restaurant where you can choose from individual dishes, or else choose a set menu. Most books you purchase do not provide choice for individual topics or chapters that are included. The à la carte system allows you to purchase exactly what you need, in whatever quantity you need. This approach therefore allows you to custom-build your resources. The world of publishing,  ‘old media’, needs to embrace new media solutions to better serve customers in the 21st century.

Because you purchase by the section and pay per page in the à la carteand Build A Book™ systems, you are paying for exactly what you need. A ‘section’ is a single topic of information, such Mozart (includes a biography, list of works, influences and contributions, musical characteristics). You can even design your own cover, complete with your university coat of arms! See our sample below.

There is also a range of support products, including our History Helpers which provide useful, organized review tools for students.

[1] Build A Book™ is available for topics published by Longbow Publishing Ltd., not for Two Streams Press, MHF or BCM Publications. Minimum 20 copies, no refunds on custom products.

[2] Each history à la carte™ page is full of detailed information, with consistent formatting used throughout the system. All composers (Baroque to modern) have a résumé section, for example, and repertoire sections are discussed in two parts: 'Musical Facts' and 'Musical Analysis', plus an opening score excerpt and detailed, easy to understand analysis. There are also interesting facts, useful web sites listed where students can download legal, free scores and/or listen to musical excerpts.

History text, sample cover