What is the difference between the History à la carte™ sections and a regular textbook?

A textbook has a hard cover, colour pages, and usually hundreds of pages. It is a valuable resource, but a costly one for a student who may be only taking one examination. Highlighting and taking notes on the pages of a textbook, which is common, ruins a book which should last a lifetime. Finally, textbooks are rather like purchasing a variety pack of juice - you invariably get flavours you do not want! The History à la carte™ system allows you to purchase precisely what you need and place the pages in a binder, in whatever order you like. It is also a simple way to keep everything else you might want in a single binder - review materials, essays, timelines, quizzes, etc.

Most textbooks depend on new editions to generate sales, but with the History à la carte™ system, you can just add new sections to your collection whenever you want. The list of available topics will be expanding all the time, so be sure to check for new items.