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Welcome!  Longbow Publishing provides music history, theory, pedagogy and piano products to students and institutions across North America. Our motto is 'Resources to fit your needs' and we offer a range of unique products and services, including our Build A Book™ and à la Carte programs for universities and conservatories.   

Second edition music history products now available!

'Musical Overview' second edition, with CD-ROM

All three of the new history book editions are now available!


The new Review&Resource CD-ROMs, containing quizzes, answer keys and printable documents, are already for sale, as as the second edition repertoire ID flashcards and score excerpt flashcards. All flashcards, second edition, are also available.

Rudiments theory books from "Ultimate Music Theory"

Basic Rudiments theory workbook

We are delighted to now stock Glory St. Germain's popular theory book series, starting with the Basic Rudiments, Intermediate Rudiments and Advanced Rudiments books. These unique publications come with flashcards, charts, lesson planning and review tests.Combined with our music history products, all your theory needs can now be met through this website!

New! From The Top Down - The Trantonal Way of Harmonizing Music

From The Top Down - cover

A unique, 196 page book which is a reference for those who wish to explore the concept of transtonality. The basis of this theory consists of creating harmony which begins at the melody line rather than following pre-conceived chord progressions (hence 'from the top down' approach).